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Fussy Bee Print

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This little guy. . .SO FUSSY and has every right to be!
Bees have been demonized and feared for years. . .even by yours truly. . .but as I age and learn they just become more and more INCREDIBLE!
So I'll put up with a little bit of FUSS from them. . .they deserve that from us at least.

These 8"x 10" high quality prints are SO perfect for gifts, home decor and bringing some light and color into your world.

They are printed on beautiful archival paper, backed with rigid cardboard & protected by clear cellophane wrapper.
ANY image you love can be created into a print for you and though we only have 8"x 10" in stock they are ALL available for custom size orders!

NOTE: ALL sizes besides 8 x 10 are made to order so processing time will be longer. There WILL be a white border surrounding ALL prints as my batiks and hence images are not perfect ratios to standard frame sizes. If you have ANY questions please leave us a note!