Sacral Ocean


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This handsome fella used to hang out near my husbands sailboat.
He was living aboard his boat when we met & the memories of Wilson visiting daily are close to my heart.
Great Blue Heron's are some MAJESTIC creatures that fly with grace & have a terrifying squawk!
Seriously have you ever heard those things?!
My favorite was watching them sit so still for. . .well EVER. . .then in a burst they explode into flight with their 4 foot wing span and trailing stick legs.

This is an original batik created through a wax resist and hand painted cold water dye process on 100% unbleached cotton & stretched over a solid wood frame (thankfully made by my oh so talented husband).

This beauty measures in at 45″ x 28″  & can be easily hung from a heavy duty wire that is installed in the solid wood frame.